Monday, September 29, 2014

"Agbero" or "conductor"?

Hi guys, been a while, yeah I have been up to some wouldnt wanna A friend of mine wrote some inspiring stuff on facebook and I thought to share.....enjoy

--Originally written by Alamu Bolaji

I know this topic sounds hilarious but that is what most of us are in the house of God. Yes you, you and you! Busybodies!!!
I remember as a student and worker in my fellowship I often went back to my room at the end of the service asking myself what I gained that day. Or even sometimes what the service was about or the topic of the message. Why you'd say? I was always so busy with the activities to even pay attention to God.
So many times we are like the Sardis church to which God said, "I see right through your work. You have a reputation for vigor and zest, but you're dead, stone-dead." Rev. 3:1 
As Christians (specifically workers) we get so caught up in the activities rather than the God. We are busy ministering to others when our own life's are not being ministered to. We often loose our focus of God which can only end in disaster.
Think about it a signboard never leaves its position, it shows the way but never gets to the destination. So is an 'agbero' he fills the bus but never leaves with the bus. We must therefore be careful as Christians and as workers in the house of God to keep our focus on the destination rather than just being satisfied with showing the way or filling the bus.
Don't get me wrong, show the way/fill the bus but go with the bus. It will be a shameful situation when those to whom you showed the way are being crowned while you are shown your place in hell. Our vigor and zest without keeping our focus constantly on the cross is "stone-dead"
Retrace your steps, maintain your focus and most importantly GO WITH THE BUS!!!!
God bless you as you yield your life to him.

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